Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coates Family Gathers at the Chilly Cemetery to Set Orrin's Headstone May 28 2011

Chilly Cemetery off or Trail Creek Road, Custer County, Idaho
 Blake Hendricks, Dlanie Coates, Peyton Coates, Brandon Coates, Grandma Lola Coates, Kendra Coates, Gabe Coates, Kristina Wolff Coates, Summer Putman Coates, Addison Coates, Tom Coates, Kim Strickler Coates, and Orrin's dog Roxie . Behind Tom and Kim are Tom's sister, Joanne Coates Roche and VerNon Roche.

Gabe Coates, Kendra Coates, Brandon Coates, Dlanie Coates, Kim Strickler Coates, Tom Coates, and Orrin's dog, Roxie
Orrin's dog, Roxie

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