Friday, August 9, 2013

Update on South Custer Historical Society Sheep Wagon Restoration - 2012-2013

June 30 2001

Dave Wilson and Earl Lockie have been working HARD for months on the restoration of a sheep wagon which was donated to the South Custer Historical Society. They transported the sheep wagon to the restoration site on 14 April 2012.
Sheep Wagon Box Before restoration Apr 12 2013 (below.
Sheep Wagon Box Completely Remade Ready To Set On Running Gear (below).
Sheep Wagon Progress Front Rear Walls In Place Jul 24 2013 (below).
Sheep Wagon Running gear before Restoration Nov 12 2012 (below).
Sheep Wagon Running Gear Done Apr 14 2013 Wilson Dave and Lockie Earl (below). 

Sheep Wagon Running Gear Gone 4-14-13 Wilson Dave and Lockie Earl 2 (below).
Sheep Wagon Wheel Needs Complete Restoration Dec 2012 (below).
Sheep Wagon Wheels Wilson Dave and Lockie Earl New Spokes and Feloes Made.

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