Friday, June 21, 2013

Blast from the Past - South Custer Historical Society Formed March 12 1982

Although the Women's Club of Mackay had plans to make a museum in Mackay as early as 1967, the Lost Rivers Museum didn't come to reality until 1986.

The former Community Church located on Highway 93 and Park Avenue was moved adjacent the Mackay Library on Capitol and Spruce in 1984 by the Lemmon Brothers.  Guest photos from Marcella MacLerran Collection.
The Lost Rivers Museum located in the renovated Community Church opened 26 September 1986 with donated items from the community. The photos below are from 8 June 2000.

The steeple of the former Community Church, now Lost Rivers Museum, was badly damaged in 2005, stabilized to some degree and had to be removed in 2007.

The steeple bell is being stored.
The South Custer Historical Society is SAVING money to build a new museum in Mackay because the former Community Church is NOT in good shape and we are unable to keep it climate controlled.

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