Monday, June 17, 2013

Blast from the Past - Mackay Idaho Resident Chase Addison Clark Marries Jean Burnett in Mackay Idaho 1906

Jean Burnett was the daughter of Alex Burnett, pioneer resident of Mackay and Custer County Idaho. He was a rancher, cattleman, freighter, ran the Burnett Meat Market, and purchased a hardware store from the Brennan Brothers.
Chase A. Clark served as the Governor of Idaho from 1940-41 to 1943. 

Chase A. Clark and his wife, Jean E. Burnett Clark had one daughter, Jean Bethine Clark who later married Frank Forrester Church III (b 25 July 1924, d 7 April 1983), a lawyer and Democratic State Senator from Idaho from 1957 to 1981. They also had three sons, Frank, Forrest, and Chase.

Law Offices of Chase Clark in Mackay, Idaho 1910.
Older brother to Chase Addison Clark, Barzilla Worth Clark (Mackay, Idaho lawyer and former Democratic Governor of Idaho from 1937-1939.
Barzilla Worth Clark (1880-1943) buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Chase Addison Clark (lawyer and Democrate Governor of Idaho from 1940-1943 ), (1883-1966) buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Jean E. Burnett Clark, wife of Chase Addison Clark (1887-1984) buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Idaho Falls, Idaho

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