Friday, February 15, 2013

State High School Girl's Basketball 2nd Round Updates - Feb 15 2013

The Mackay High School Girl's Basketball team lost a close one to Dietrich in the 2nd Round of the State High School Girl's Basketball 1AD2 Tournament. Mackay will be playing for 3rd place against Rockland Feb 16 2013. GO MINERS!
Both Challis High School and Butte County High School girl's basketball teams lost in the first round of the State Tournament and both have progressed on the Consolation Side of the 1AD2 Bracket. Challis and Butte County will be playing each other Feb 16 2013 for the Consolation Winner.

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  1. Seriously Mackay Coach, you had to publicly bad mouth our game against you? Telling The Magic Valley News that, quote: "Dietrich had a significant crowd advantage and chanting throughout the contest and I feel it affected the officiating and the girls feed off of that, if they don't get fair officiating, they're like 'what's the point?'." unquote. When did your girls figure "what's the point"? For giving up, they gave a good fight! We beat you by FIVE points, and 2 of those points were made in the last minute or,literally, seconds, of the game! When did they say "What's the point?" Don't take this away from your girls Coach Barker, your girls played a hard game, a tough game, and an intense game, you lost by 5 points with Dietrich fans not breathing until, literally, the last few seconds when the last 2 foul shots were made! Thank you for an exciting game! Stand tall and hold your head up!