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Lucille Manning Rosenkrance Passes Away January 21 2013

Lucille Rosenkrance died peacefully January 21, 2013 while visiting relatives in Hamilton, Montana. She was 92 years old.

Lucille was born May 14, 1920, in Grand Junction Colorado. Her mother’s family (Anfensen) emigrated from Norway, and her father’s family (Manning) from England. Her father left home at age 15 and traveled to the Snake River Valley, where as a rugged frontiersman he trained and sold horses to the U.S. Calvary. Her revered father told many stories, some humorous, some deadly serious about his life during the era of Native American uprisings and outlaws. He described a time when the law was the gun and the rope, administered primarily by posse or vigilantes.
Lucille had one brother and two sisters, each of whom have passed, but were extremely close during their lives. Her mother died when she was two years old and was thereafter raised by her father Hyrum John Manning, and older brother Bill Manning during an era when her family, along with most of our country, possessed little, worked hard and struggled to survive. Her experiences early in life made her strong, determined and caring.
She spent her early years on a small ranch known as “Deer Run” on the Gunnison River 25 miles south of Grand Junction, accessible only by horseback. They raised their food and shared life’s burdens, joys and experiences.They had no neighbors, only each other. They had no running water, electricity or indoor plumbing. Long hours and hard work were routine. Each morning, the chores before breakfast consisted of feeding all the animals, carrying in and replacing straw bedding, milking 8-10 cows, running milk through a cream separator, cleaning the equipment, washing and eating breakfast. They then walked two miles to school each way: rain, snow or sunshine.
Lucille’s father later lost the use of his right arm in an accident. Her older brother Bill graduated as Valedictorian of his class, but volunteered to forego scholarships to continue as the primary bread winner for the family and to assure the family’s survival.
The family later moved to Burley, Idaho, where Lucille graduated from high school. Lucille lived many different lifestyles. She advanced over several years to become office manager for J. R. Simplot Co. in Shelley, Idaho. Later, she married John Rosenkrance and moved with her sons to a mountain ranch 47 miles from the nearest town of Mackay. For many wonderful years she lived a challenging and adventurous life as the wife of a rancher, trapper and miner; working, fishing, hunting and prospecting with her husband. Mackay has since been part of her soul. Many years later they moved to Magic Valley where she became a hospital Medicare liaison in Twin Falls.
Lucille was an avid outdoors person, who loved horseback riding, fishing and hunting. She was a crack shot with a rifle. She successfully hunted deer, elk and moose and every type of upland game. She loved new experiences and traveled extensively. She visited many foreign countries since her retirement, including Scotland, Ireland, France and Israel.
After retirement, she focused her attention on helping the elderly and the poor including, but not limited to, assisting in establishing food banks. She had genuine and passionate caring for people.
She was invited to Washington D.C. to attend a conference as Idaho’s delegate to the President’s Commission on Aging, and thereafter to Boise by Governor Cecil Andrus, who personally thanked her and presented her with awards for her dedicated service to the elderly.
Lucille had five sons: Jack Swafford, Jerry Swafford, Ron Swafford, Allen Swafford and John Rosenkrance Jr. Unfortunately, only Ron Swafford and John Rosenkrance Jr. were alive at her passing. Her husband John Rosenkrance also preceded her in death.
Lucille lived a long, interesting and adventurous life. It was full of challenges, changes and experiences. One could not have asked for more from a one-way trip. Lucille preferred cremation, which permits a delay of her funeral until warmer weather to accommodate friends and family near and afar.
From the Challis Messenger January 31 2013.

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