Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kid's Creek Ices Over and Floods Both Above and Below the Bridge on Smelter Avenue - February 21 2013

Flooding from above Kid's Creek on Smelter Ave Feb 21 2013 (Guest Photo Above from Webb's). The official name of Kid's Creek is Swauger Slough.
Flooding from below Kid's Creek on Smelter Ave at Marinac's RV Campground Feb 21 2013.
Smelter Avenue is dry as Kemmer demonstrated this afternoon Feb 21 2013.

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  1. This flooding was caused when the Irrigation Co. Blew up a beaver dam upstream. Instead of taking the dam apart and letting the water flow out gradually all the water was released into the creek at once. Since the creek was blocked by ice the result of this overflow of water impacted the capacity. Because of the flooding the water has been shut off to the creek. This will result in a total fish kill to this stream. Surely the management of this water can be handled in a responsible manner!