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Ivies Grocery History - The Longest Business Operated By One Family in the Big Lost River Valley - Part 2 of 2

Lyle and Bula Ivie, along with their son and daughter-in-law, Don and Beth Beverland Ivie operated the new IGA Foodliner. Don and Beth Ivie had two sons, Brent and Randy, who also helped at the store.

In mid-December 1961, Lyle C. and Don Ivie installed a new neon sign at the IGA Foodliner located in the former Diers building on the corner of Main Street and Pine in preparation for their Grand Opening.

On April 27 and 28, 1962, the Ivies held their official Grand Opening for the new IGA Foodliner.

In 1962, Mackay was delighted with the opening of Ivies IGA Foodliner which carried quality U.S.D.A. meats, table fresh produce, complete line of dairy products, and frozen foods.

"Yes, Folks, we are finally ready. The Painting is done. The New Equipment is in place. The New Tile Floor is down. The New Gondolas are fully stocked. Lyle's back is a little better. Beulah (Bula) and Beth are all dolled up. Don is worn out but still smiling, and Brent and Randy can tell you where everything is. WE are Very Proud of  Our New IGA Foodliner and We Extend a Hearty Welcome to You and - Invite You to Our Grand Opening Party. We appreciate your patience during our remodeling and in appreciation of your faithful patronage we offer you these outstanding bargains."
 1962 Grand Opening Specials Plus Free Cokes All Day Saturday
Don and Beth Beverland Ivie bought the IGA Foodliner in Mackay from his parents, Lyle C and Bula Frandsen Ivie on August 15, 1966. Lyle and Bula were confident that Don and Beth  could serve the people of the Lost River Valleys with the same fine service and high quality products they had come to expect from Mackay's IGA Foodliner.

The Ivie family was highlighted in the March1966 Ruralite.

Mackay's IGA Foodliner located on the corner Main and Pine in 1966. Note the Main Theatre movie marque "Whose Minding the Store".
Beth Ivie with Johnny and Wanda Palmer in March 1966 Ruralite.

The Ivie family held an open house for Lyle and Bula's 50th WeddingAnniversary  on May 19 1973.

On November 26, 1973, Lyle C. Ivie passed away in Arco, Idaho after a long illness. Lyle is buried at Mt. McCaleb Cemetery in Mackay, Idaho.

Very unexpectedly, on October 28, 1983 at 8:07 AM, the Big Lost River Valley, Mackay, and the IGA Foodliner was rocked by the Mt. Borah Earthquake.

The Ivies cleaned up the mess and went right back to business.

On August 22, 1985, Bula Frandsen Ivie died after suffering a stroke. She is buried at Mt. McCaleb Cemetery next to her husband, Lyle C. Ivie.

In 1989, Don and Beth Ivie's son, Randy Ivie with his wife, Carol Ivie took over Ivies. Both of Randy and Carol's children, Candace and Justin Ivie worked in the store.

In 1996, Randy Ivie's son, Justin began working full-time at Ivies. Justin is married to Maleah Pehrson Ivie.
Randy Ivie with Margie Lundberg Malkiewicz at Ivies on March 15 2004
Margie Lundberg Malkiewicz, Alice Leavitt, and Beth Ivie March 15 2004

 Justin Ivie at Ivies April 13 2007
Beth Ivie at Ivies November 20 2007
Barbara Fullmer and Beth Ivie at Ivies March 15 2010. Beth finally retired from Ivies in 2011. She is missed.
Justin and grandfather, Don Ivie at Ivies March 9 2011
Judy Malkiewicz at Ivies August 24 2012
Randy Ivie at Ivies August 24 2012
Candace Ivie Stayman at Ivies August 31 2012

In September 2011, Ivies got a facelift by adding new porch awnings.
 Ivies September 26 2011

Ivies December 15 2012

Today, in 2013, Randy Ivie works at Ivies with his daughter, Candace Ivie Stayman and son, Justin Ivie.
Randy Ivie, Candace Ivie Stayman, and Justin Ivie at Ivies Market Sept 1 2012 
Randy and Don Ivie at Ivies Market February 19 2013.

That's 79 years of grocery store keeping for the Ivie family who started in 1928, took a ranching leave from the grocery business for 6 years beginning in 1943 and returned to the grocery business in 1949 continuing until today in 2013. Thank you Ivie family.

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