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Ivies Grocery History - The Longest Business Operated By One Family in the Big Lost River Valley - Part 1 of 2

Ivies History
The Ivie’s Idaho history began with James Evan Ivie and his wife Pauline Larter Ivie relocated from Mt. Pleasant, Utah to Shelley, Idaho. 
They, came to the Lost River in 1904 and settled in Chilly, Idaho in 1906 where James was a rancher and farmer. They raised their two sons, Lyle C. Ivie and Theo Ivie, and their two daughters Dellvier Ivie and Phebe Ivie in Chilly.
James Evan (known as Evan) and Pauline D. Larter Ivie lost both their daughters, Dellvier (age 14) and Phebe P. (age 10) in 1911 and 1912 respectively to diabetes. They are buried at the Chilly Cemetery.
Son, Lyle Ivie, grew to manhood in Chilly and married Bula Frandsen.  Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Ivie are the happy parents of a baby boy (Don Ivie), born December 5th (1928). Newspaper incorrectly printed "November". Lyle worked for the Idaho Metals Mining Company where he was operator and fireman at the Empire Mine big air compressor plant for five years when his son, Don, was born.
Lyle decided to use his las mining company paycheck for $150 and start a store in Chilly. The Ivie grocery business began in the Big Lost River Valley when son, Lyle C. Ivie, began to operate the Chilly Store, Post Office, and Gas Station for 12 years from 1928 – 1940.  Lyle and Bula Frandsen Ivie had 4 children: Don, Hershel, Dorothy, and Norma who all helped in the store. Lyle Ivie was the Postmaster at the Chilly for 10 years.

Lyle and Bula moved their grocery business, naming it, "Ivies Cash Grocery"  to Mackay, Idaho on March 22, 1941. The store was located on the north side of Mackay Main Street  between Pine and Custer (Highway 93) east of Perks.

The following photo of Arlene Stacy (who later married Werner Erickson) shows the Ivie's Cash Grocery sign next to Perks on Mackay Main Street.
Ivie’s Cash Grocery later became Pence’s Market. 

On March 15, 1942, Lyle C. Ivie’s father, James Evan Ivie, passed away and he was buried at the Chilly Cemetery.

In November, 1942, Lyle C. and Bula Frandsen Ivie decided to sell Ivies Cash Grocery. They had a busy going out of business sale.

Ivies Cash Grocery was finally sold in 1943. Lyle C. and Bula Frandsen Ivie moved south of Mackay  where they engaged in very successful farming operation for 6 years. They built their operation from three cows and three sows to a ranch of 86 head of cattle, 45 hogs, and 35 sheep.

However, in 1949, Lyle C. and Bula Frandsen Ivie lost their lease on their ranch and decided to leave, buying the Corner Grocery from P.H. Coleman located on the south side of Main Street and Custer (Highway 93) in Mackay. The building was remodeled and son, Don Ivie joined Lyle in business.
P.H. Coleman Corner Grocery 1942. From the Flossie Miller Johnson Collection

The Ivie’s spent 12 years at this location on the corner of Main Street and Custer Street (Highway 93).

In December 1958, the Ivies remodeled the Corner Grocery Store and installed an elevator in the building from the basement to the 1st floor (the only elevator ever installed in Mackay, Idaho).

On August 14, 1961, Lyle C. Ivie’s mother, Pauline Devona Larter Ivie, 88, passed away after suffering a heart attack. She is buried at the Chilly Cemetery next to Lyle’s father, James Evan Ivie.

Chilly Cemetery

Lyle C. and Don Ivie purchased the frozen food lockers located in the former Dier’s building located on the corner of Main Street and Pine in August 1961. 

Diers Building on the corner of Main and Pine.
White Knob Garage circa 1920's ont he corner of Main and Pine

Their new location was named the IGA Foodliner and became the largest food store in Custer County in 1961. The Ivies completely remodeled the location adding a walk-in refrigerator. In addition, they prepared meat for sale and carried a complete line of Purina Feeds. 

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