Friday, February 8, 2013

Grazing Fees in Idaho from 1908 to 2013

In circa 1908, grazing fees were initiated in Idaho. From the Mackay Miner Mid-Summer Edition 1908. Grazing fees for cattle, horses, and sheep were set at 25 cents per head (no detail on length of grazing).
 On January 31 2013, the BLM and Forest Service published the 2013 Grazing Fees of $1.35 per head month.
So, the increase in grazing fees from 1908 to 2013 has been 81.43 % or about 1.29 percent per year in the last 105 years (not that grazing fees actually changed 1.29 % each year).
Cattle being moved off BLM Ground to Barton Flat June 29 2011.

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