Monday, February 4, 2013

Blast from the Past - Silas Abram Edrington, Lavina Barger Edrington, and Dorothy Ewing

Silas Abram (S.A.) Edrington outside Anderton's in Mackay, Idaho 1913. From Carol Tilton Collection.
Lavina Barger Edrington with Dorothy Ewing taken Fall of 1918 in Mackay, Idaho. From the Carol Tilton Collection. Dorothy Ewing's parents were Edgar Ranson Ewing and Lillie Ethel Edrington. She later married Virgil Phillips and moved to southern California.
Silas Abram Edrington had a store in this building on the south side of Mackay Main Street between Pine and Spruce called The New Era Cash Store built in 1903. 
The building was later used by Thomas Pilash Tailor.

The building shown below on Jun 25 2006. However, the building is still standing in 2013, except the eastern wall is bowing out threatening the building now, which is owned by Leonard and Pat Wall. 
Edrington Pilash Building with bulging eastern side Nov 11 2012. Click on LABEL Edrington Pilash (below) to see more views of this building.

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