Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blast from the Past - Mackay Main Street from Custer aka Highway 93 - 1980

Mackay Main Street taken from Custer aka Highway 93 in 1980. From the Virgil Phillips Collection. Click twice to enlarge photos.
Note the Corner Grocery, Mackay City Hall, LLL Cafe, and Main Theatre on the left. Only the Corner Grocery and Main Theatre buildings still exist in 2013.
Note the Idaho First National Bank, Pence's Market, and Lost River Cafe on the right. None of these buildings still exist in 2013.

Same views of Mackay Main Street 26 Feb 2013. Monkey Madness Video (same building as Ivie's Corner Grocery), Mackay City Hall (built after the 1983 Earthquake), Clock Cigar Store (same building as 1980), Mackay Main Theatre (same building as 1980).
US Bank (2013) replaces Idaho First National Bank (1980 photo). Ireland Bank (2013) replaces Pence's Market (1980)

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