Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snowing Today in Mackay Idaho - January 29 2013

Highway 93 looking north from Mackay Idaho Main Street. January 29 2013 10 AM
Taken from Highway 93 at Mackay Idaho Main Street with Monkey Madness Video, Ireland Bank, and US Bank - January 29 2013 10 AM


  1. Is there anyone that remembers my Grandparents, Franklin R. and Jesse Nickerson?? I don't see anything on here regarding them and my mom, Nancy Nickerson, and her sister Trudy Nickerson, were born and raised in Mackay, Idaho. My mom was born in 1936. I would LOVE to see anything regarding my grandparents and my mom and sister on here. My Grandpa ran the Texaco station. I have a picture of him standing in front of it. Please add them to this amazing site* They are buried in the Mackay Cemetary....Thank you.
    Jennifer Boyce (Jones)

  2. I remember you granddad at the Texaco. I have posted his obituary. I'd love to put anything you'd like on the Mackay Idaho 83251 blog related to your grandparents. Just sent it to me at rudi48@atcnet.net