Monday, September 17, 2012

St. Barbara's Catholic Church Centennial 1912 to 2012 in Mackay Idaho - September 15 2012

St. Barbara's Catholic Church parishioners dress in 1912-period clothing for the Centennial reception held September 15 2012. L to R: Roxane Gardett, Susan Jolly, and Betty Martini.

Campbell Gardett (black hat) from St. Barbara's Catholic Church greets Idaho Bishop Driscoll (white hat).
Margaret Kahler Brackebusch (grew up in Mackay, Idaho the daughter of Walter and Eveyln Kahler), her husband, Fred, daughter, Carrie, and grandson, Avery signing the Guest Book.  The Brackebusch's came from their home in Kellogg, Idaho. Margaret said when she was child, they used have the Catholic Church Easter Egg Hunts at  their house on the lawn because St. Barbara's yard area (seen above in the black and white photo of the church) was sage brush and weeds.
Lots of good food and wine were served.
Idaho's Bishop Michael Driscoll accepts a framed drawing from Mackay, Idaho artist, Ruth Sauerbreit at the the Centennial reception of St. Barbara's Catholic Church. The artist created and donated the drawing for the church as i would have appeared in 1912 when it opened.

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