Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mackay High School Class of 1967 Reunion Part 5 of 5 - August 11 2012

Curtis Reay and Sandy (Halverson) Dance at Ken’s Club Mixer
Dave Coburn and Vicki (Leavitt) Dunn
L.toR.: Tom Deeringer, Mike Rausch, & Terry Hone pose for the camera
Curtis Reay and Connie (Hocking) Anderson at Fri. Night Mixer
L.toR.:  Mike Rukavina, Curtis Reay and Sandy (Dance) Halverson share a laugh
Reconnecting on Fri. night, L. toR.:  Curtis Reay, Mike Rukavina, Linda (Price) Love, Dan Sayer and Harvey McKelvey (Boisjolie)
Harvey McKelvey (Boisjolie) and Vicki (Leavitt) Dunn share a laugh
Rick & Eileen (Bethke) Webber chat with Mike Rukavina
Ken’s Club Mixer, L.toR.:  Tom Deeringer, Mike Rukavina, Mike Rausch, Bette (Kent) Cannon, Harvey McKelvey (Boisjolie) and Terry Deeringer

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