Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mackay, Idaho Sheep Wagon To Be Restored - April 2012

This historic late 1800's or early 1900's Studebaker Company sheep wagon donated to the Lost Rivers Museum in Mackay, Idaho by the Orlin and Clara Baker family in late 1980's is going to be restored by volunteers, Dave Wilson and Earl Lockie.
In preparation for the restoration, the sheep wagon cover was disassembled for transport to the restoration site on April 11 2012.
Dave Wilson working in the background with Earl Lockie (not pictured, as he is taking the photos).

On  April 15, 2012, Leonard Wall donated his trailer to haul the sheep wagon to restoration site. Below, Leonard Wall and Dave Wilson planning how to load the wagon on the trailer.

Earl Lockie's truck with Leonard Wall's trailer. Leonard Wall and Dave Wilson.
 Museum neighbor, Frank Sandford. with Leonard Wall.

 Securing the sheep wagon to the trailer for the trip to the restoration site.
 Sheep wagon arrives at covered restoration site.

Sheep wagon restoration crew: Dave Wilson, Leonard Wall, and Earl Lockie. Good luck guys!

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