Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ever Wonder Where All Those Hardboiled Eggs Come From for Mackay Idaho's Easter Egg Hunt???

Have  you ever wondered where all those Hardboiled Eggs come from for the Mackay, Idaho Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Mackay Tourist Park????
Well, the eggs, 1,440 of them, are purchased by the Mackay Lions Club and then willing souls boil the eggs at their homes. You haven't lived until you've boiled 24 dozen (288) hard boiled eggs!!! The eggs come in this nice BIG BOX.
Let the boiling commence and hope you have a larger stove top and bigger pots than this! You might wonder about the knife across the top of the pot - if you put a metal knife across the top of a pot, it won't boil over.
Put the eggs in a cold-water bath and let them set for 15 minutes.
 Dry the eggs before re-packing them in the cartons.

Then, find room in your refrigerator for 28 dozen hard boiled eggs until Dean Wall from the Lions Club picks them up to be colored by volunteer children at the Mackay Fire Hall.
And, FINALLY, enjoy the smell of eggs in the house for DAYS~ That Easter Bunny needs a lot of help....

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