Friday, December 30, 2011

Lawrence R. Lemmon Passes Away December 27 2011

Lawrence Lemmon was an avid collector. He not only collected items, but made elaborate displays for the Lost River Museum in Mackay, Idaho. He loved sharing his work with others and we loved that he shared!
 This is a pencil display Lawrence made.
 This is a display of personal care items from a historical point of view.
 Lawrence Lemmon in the Annex of the Lost River Museum July 10 2004.

Lawrence and Lillie Lemmon 

The South Custer Historical Society and Lost River Museum will MISS YOU Lawrence!


  1. Thank you for your kind tribute to my Grandpa. I read your blog daily and you make the past come alive. thanks for your good work.

    Doran Lemmon

  2. Thanks Doran, I sure liked your Grandpa and he will be MISSED. Glad the blog is something you enjoy too. jm