Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blast from the Past - History of the Mackay Family

Mackay, Idaho was named for Clarence Hungerford Mackay, the son of John and Louise Hungerford Bryant Mackay. The Mackay's never lived in Mackay, Idaho, but were honored with the name sake by Wayne Darlington, a renowned engineer and superintendent of mining activity for White Knob Mining Company. Clarence H. Mackay made the investments in the mine above Mackay, Idaho with his father's, John W. Mackay,  mining and transaltantic cable fortune. Father, John W. Mackay died in 1902, just one (1) year after Mackay, Idaho was founded in 1901. John and Louise Mackay's oldest son, John William "Willie" Mackay died in  France in 1895. Clarence H. Mackay died in 1938. No evidence exists that John Mackay was EVER in Mackay, Idaho.

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  1. So glad I found these articles. AFter watching the "Dead Files" I felt compelled to look into Amy Allens findings. She refered to Lousie Mackay as a nasty, nasty woman and she didn't like her. She even went to the lengths of saying, call in a Priest for an "exorcism" to get rid of the spirit of Louise Mackay. After reading these articles, I would have to say that Amy Allen was so wrong about this woman. Even though Mrs. Mackay was shunned by New York Socity, if she was bitter about it,it didn't seem like she was in life as Mrs. Mackay went on to be a good mother and socialite. I wonder what the Mackay family feels about Amy Allens findings? I think it may have been a large misrepresentation of Mrs. Mackay.