Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blast from the Past - The marriage of Joseph Alberto "Bert" Coates and Ovanda White September 10 1910

This is a picture of Bert Coates, sitting on the left, with Ovanda White sitting next to him, with her arm on his. The other couple's names are unknown, however, Joyce Reno's Grandma, Ovanda White, said they were their best friends. They had a double wedding that turned out to be a really big to do on September 10, 1910!! The wedding was held at a log cabin type building that used to sit in the field on the west side of where Dean and Bertha Anderson lived at their first ranch home on the Chilly Flat. As a teenager, Joyce Reno would occasionally drive her Grandma Ovanda past there and she would tell her all about the Big Wedding Day! Ovanda said it was the biggest wedding ever in Chilly. Ovanda remembered how her Mom, Mary Ann Ames White and the Mother of the other bride cooked roasts and baked loaves and loaves of bread to make sandwiches for the wedding. Ovanda said they started two days before the wedding where they cooked, made the sandwiches, and put them in big metal galvanized tubs. They set the filled tubs out on the porches at night and kept wet damp cloths over them so they wouldn'tdry out. They had salads and all kinds of good food. Some one made the wedding cake and it was the first three-layer wedding cake anyone in Chilly had ever seen. The cake was all white as they didn't have coloring then. Ovanda said after their marriage, a dance was held. A band came from Mackay and she said it was "Most Wonderful". The biggest shindig she had ever seen. Ovanda said everyone came by horse and wagon. Joyce Reno Gomez hopes anyone who reads this knows how much she loved her Grandparents and loved her "Gram" telling her the stories of her wedding. (From the memories of Joyce Reno Gomez).

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