Friday, February 25, 2011

Blast from the Past - Henry Williams Barber Shop Mackay Idaho 1930

Grandson, Henry Williams, who works at Sammy's today said his grandfather, Henry Williams was a barber in 2 locations in Mackay. For a time, the shop was in the area where Ken's Banquet Room is today between Ken's Club (then the Strunk Building) and Perks. And for a time, they were located in a building that sat pretty close to where the Ireland Bank sits today on Main Street (building was razed). The older Henry Williams was a barber here in Mackay Idaho from at least 1908 until 1949 or 1950 when his eyesight failed and he had to stop working.
Henry Williams Barber Shop in Mackay Idaho Date Unknown. However, the wooden sidewalk on Mackay Main Street gives a hint that the photo was taken sometime before 1913 when the walks were replaced with concrete.
Henry Williams Barber Shop Date Unknown

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