Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mackay Mansion History - Corner of Spruce and Elm. Remember to double click on images to make them larger and clearer.

Source and Date of published photo unknown. However, Lew Greene donated the photo.

Frank and Maude Stacy ran Stacy's Department Store (the former Lost River Mercentile) on the corner of Main Street and Highway 93 aka Custer Street.
From the Arlene Stacy Erickson Collection

This article indicates John Mackay lived in the Mackay Mansion. No real data exists to support that John Mackay was EVER in Mackay, Idaho. Plus John Mackay died in 1902.

Carol Frauenholz passed away August 13, 2010 and Lowell Frauenholz continues to live in the Mackay Mansion today.
Mackay Mansion March 29 2010
Mackay Mansion with pink paint primer Mackay Mansion September 27 2012.

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